Friday, December 31, 2010

Crossfit 2010

November 24, 2010JackieRow 1000M
50 x 45lb thrusters
30 pull-ups
As requested except did 32lbs for the thrusters. I twisted my back part way through the rowing so I had to slow down. There are 2.5lb weights, next time add them to go up to 37lbs. The thrusters I did in groups of 10, next time try 13-13-12-12. The pull-ups I did 6,6,6,4,4,4.
November 22, 2010Homemade HSPU routine3 rounds of
3 handstand pushups
10 burpees
20 squats
My intention was to do five rounds, but I couldn't do any more HSPUs. The routine went by too quickly, so after a short break to catch my breath I ran 5KM in 25:52, not a great time, but considering it was after all of those burpees, I'm pleased I managed to complete the 5KM.
November 19, 2010Crossfit's MONDAY 090518 routineBenchpress 110lbs x 30, row 500m
Benchpress 110lbs x 20, row 1000m
Benchpress 110lbs x 10, row 2000m
The real routine calls for body weight press, I'm not there yet. Still need to keep to 110lbs next time I do this.
November 17, 2010MichaelThree rounds of
Run 800m
25 back extensions
25 sit ups
The real Michael routine calls for 50 of each. I ran each 800M stretch at 8.2MPH. Do 30 next time.
November 15, 2010SUNDAY 101114As many rounds in 12 minutes of
Run 400M
5 Deadlifts